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How many times you have been looking for a function that does one thing and you end up using a gem just for one function?
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Depend on Ruby standard library and core library only

We all have seen the problem with too many dependencies, here we'll try to be as minimal as we can, we'll build off of ruby core and standard library only, making our functions as independent as possible, this means you'll be able to use it any project regardless of its framework

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Now that you have a useful repository of functions you have wrote, show it to other developers, your function maybe useful for other people, Also you will get feedback from other developers to improve your knowledge, And you'll have the chance to also give feedback to others and learn something new from their functions


Ahmed Khaled · @nemoload · over 2 years

Creates a thread pool that takes a block and run it in parallel with different jobs and returns a list of the results

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Ahmed Khaled · @nemoload · almost 4 years

Takes a text and returnstExT

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taman9333 · @taman9333 · about 4 years

Functional way for implementing reduce.

it invokes function for each element in the enumerable with the accumulator.

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ahmadabdelhalim · @ahmadabdelhalim · about 4 years

a function that accepts a string as an argument, and returns a new string where streaks of consecutive characters are compressed. For example “aaabbc” is compressed to “3a2bc”.

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Floyd-Warshall (all pairs shortest path) algorithm implementation.

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Ahmed Khaled · @nemoload · about 4 years

Calculating the n-th number in Fibonacci sequence with dynamic programming.

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Return true if two number are relatively prime (co-prime), false otherwise.

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Crawl a web page and extract URLs from its HTML using naive loop implementation. Its running time is comparable or less than using URI.extract().

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Calculates N choose K, N! / (K! * (N - K)!), in a mathematical operations efficient way.

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Calculates the n-th Catalan number, (2N)! / (N! * (N + 1)!), in a mathematical operations efficient way.

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Ahmed Magdy · @a7madM · about 4 years

calculates nth fibonacci recursively

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Calculates the n-th Fibonacci number iteratively.

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Ahmed Magdy · @a7madM · about 4 years

calculates factorial of a number recursively

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Abd Elrahman Telb · @abdoutelb · about 4 years

Take a number and return the its factorial in Iterative way.

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Ali Hamdi Ali Fadel · @AliOsm · about 4 years

Takes a string and return true if it is a palindrome, false otherwise.

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Emad Elsaid · @emad-elsaid · about 4 years

This function takes an array of objects and executes a method in each object in parallel in multiple threads

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